Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Evaluation

Evaluate to increase effectiveness


Public institutions, government agencies, enterprises, associations, NGOs, and foundations need to evaluate the impact of their activities in order to increase their quality and effectiveness.

Working in both Italy and abroad, we employ innovative methodologies for both Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Evaluation. Indeed, our approaches contribute to the advancement of applied research and are key in establishing guidelines for policy formulation.

We develop ad hoc research strategies to evaluate and monitor communication campaigns aimed at promoting Italian gastronomic excellence (PGI and DPO quality labels) on Italian and international markets.

We use multidimensional models and are comfortable performing both quantitative and qualitative analysis. We adopt a participatory approach and take into consideration local context and the specific needs of beneficiaries.

Our main activities are:


✦ Monitoring and Evaluation

✦ Impact evaluation

Social impact evaluation

We can preside over the entire process or focus on a specific phase. This includes:

✦ Evaluation design

✦ Processing and administration of data collection and survey tools

✦ Data analysis

✦ Support in the dissemination of results

We organize training opportunities on impact evaluation methodologies and statistical analysis. Three  previous editions of the Summer School on Impact Evaluation Methodologies have been made available to students, academics, and professionals in recent years.

EHD Methodology

Our team created the EHD (Evaluation of Human Development) methodology, which uses a series of multidimensional indicators – tailored to both the local context and the object of the evaluation – to assess the impact of any given human development project. For more information, please download the EHD Brochure.

5 key benefits of external evaluation

ARCO Research Center is personally committed to spreading the culture of evaluation. The reason is simple: evaluation is the only way to understand which interventions really work and why! Thanks to the evaluation, organizations can focus their efforts – and resources -on those actions that prove most useful and effective, in order to achieve the maximum possible impact.

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Scientific Coordinators:

Prof. Fabrizia Mealli (University of Florence)

Prof. Mario Biggeri (University of Florence)

We also collaborate with Professor Donald Rubin (Harvard University)

Contact Us:

Marta RussoM&E Specialist
Coordinator of the M&E and Impact Evaluation Unit 

Find out a selection of our projects on Monitoring and Evaluation and Impact Evaluation

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