Local Development

Encouraging sustainable human development by valuing local resources

Innovative and participatory methodologies and an approach based on sustainable human development stand at the centre of Local Development Unit’s work in international development cooperation.

We offer research and technical assistance throughout every phase of the local development process, including needs analysis, strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, actions promoting sustainable human development and offer technical and scientific support for the localization of Agenda 2030.

Our main activities are:

✦ Diagnostic studies on development, sustainability, and resilience of socio-economic sectors and supply chains

✦Creating and testing innovative models, participatory governance, and local development

✦ Supporting policy design for developing and upgrading Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

✦ Measuring well-being and quality of life at the local level

✦ Scientific and technic support for the localization of SDGs

Some of our other activities address the certification and sustainability of local productive systems. This includes:

     ✦ Implementing ethical and environmental brands

     ✦ Creating integrated procedures for sustainable supply chains and local systems of production

     ✦ Helping organizations become compliant with international standards of management and production

Local Lab: a strategic alliance for SDGs Localization

Academic and policy actors widely acknowledge the importance of landing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at the local level. The Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs, can provide a framework for local development policy.

To promote these processes, FELCOS Umbria and ARCO have joined forces and expertise by launching Local Lab, a new alliance aimed at supporting local and regional governments and local stakeholders in localizing the SDGs.

Through an integrated and participatory approach to sustainable development, Local Lab offers a set of core competencies and operational tools to facilitate local ownership of the SDGs, their mainstreaming into strategic planning processes and translation into place-based public policies.

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Mario Biggeri
Scientific CoordinatorUniversity of Florence

Andrea Ferrannini
Local Development Unit Coordinator