Territorial analysis for the recovery of the historic village of Villa Saletta

Title Territorial analysis for the recovery of the historic village of Villa Saletta

Location Tuscany, Municipality of Palaia

Duration June 2023

Funding  Villa Saletta Development Company



Villa Saletta is an estate of over 1000 hectares of medieval origin owned by the Hands family, located in the municipality of Palaia, in the province of Pisa.
The ancient hamlet occupies the summit of a hillock, a strategic position for connections between the valley and the internal settlement system.

The recovery of the historic village of Villa Saletta represents an opportunity of valorisation for the territory of Palaia, both in terms of preservation of the historic architectural heritage and in terms of direct and indirect economic spin-offs.

This intervention offers numerous advantages for the Palaia Municipality. First of all, it contributes to the preservation of the historical architectural heritage, avoiding the irreparable degradation of the buildings. The re-development of the infrastructure, maintaining the original profiles of the buildings, will also be accompanied by the enhancement of the road network. analisi territoriale territorial analysis Villa Saletta Palaia Toscana Tuscany

General Objective

ARCO carried out the territorial analysis in order to place the historic village of Villa Saletta and the possible restoration work in its territorial and socio-economic context.

Our Contribution

ARCO carried out a desk analysis of documentation concerning the village of Villa Saletta and more generally the socio-economic context of the municipality of Palaia, with a focus on the tourism sector.
Site visits and interviews with representatives of the Villa Saletta Development Company and the Municipal Administration made it possible to identify the possible effects of the intervention on the territory.
On the basis of these results, ARCO drew up a SWOT analysis.

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