Impact evaluation of coffee cooperatives in the Dominican Republic

Location Sierra Neyba, Dominican Republic

Duration 2011

Client  Oxfam Italy

Funding European Union and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Oxfam Italy create the cooperative COOPROCASINE as part of the project Sierra Cafetalera in June 2007. CoopRocasine brought together the main coffee producers of the Sierra Neyba in  Dominican Republic. Its main aim was to deliver high quality services and promote competitiveness and sustainability.

General objective

ARCO Researchers were involved in the project to perform an impact evaluation of the whole process of the creation of the coffee cooperative.

What have done?

ARCO Researchers developed an innovative impact evaluation methodology that is based on the Capability Approach. Using several multidimensional indicators, they assessed the effects and socio-economic implications of being a member of the cooperative.

Our goals were met by performing the following activities:

  1. Analysing the various elements and processes that affected and characterized the project, including the identification of all relevant stakeholders
  2. Interviewing stakeholders
  3. Presiding over focus groups that asked the beneficiaries of the coffee cooperative to discuss the impact of the project on several dimensions, and vote on the most relevant ones
  4. Designing and distributing questionnaires
  5. Data analysis


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