RESTART MED! capitalisation for the promotion of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean

capitalizzazione turismo sostenibile

TitleREvitalisation of Sustainable Tourism Across Regions in The MEDiterranean – RESTART MED!

Location Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia

Duration September 2021 – September 2023

Project leader Comitato Internazionale per lo sviluppo dei popoli (CISP)

Partners Jordan University of Science and Technology, Barcelona Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation, Catalan Tourist Board, American University of Beirut, World Wild Funds Mediterranean North AfricaAn-Najah National University (Palestina), Oxfam Italia Onlus (Italia), Agricultural Development Association – PARC (Palestina), Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development -JOHUD (Giordania), Tunisian Centre For Social Entrepreneurship -TCSE (Tunisia), ARCO-PIN S.c.r.l. Didactic and Scientific Services for the University of Florence (Italia), Innovation and Social Economy in the Mediterranean-SCEL (Spagna)

Funding European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme



RESTART MED! is aimed at revitalizing the tourism economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, by building on and learning from previous experiences and practices, using this moment to boost sustainability together with the economic recovery of this key industry. The project will support tourism providers to work alongside public and civil society stakeholders for a better and resilient recovery, by creating more sustainable policies and products. A positive change is expected through a reset of basic tourism principles where the diversified, sustainable offer and common branding will reattract tourists.

This will be achieved thanks to the exploitation and dissemination of best practices and results of at least 8 sustainable tourism projects, and the via the reinforcement and extension of stakeholder networks of at least 5 capitalizable projects with a common brand and platform. Finally, the project will raise awareness among public authorities and policy-makers, promoting sustainable tourism good practices among them, and supporting mainstreaming into policies.


Obbiettivo Generale

To contribute to the economic and social development in the Mediterranean, strengthening, disseminating and scaling up successful sustainable tourism practices and resources thus supporting recovery and building a community of tourism opportunities

Among the main expected output and results:

  • Utilisation and promotion of good practices and results of previous sustainable tourism projects applicable at various levels in new types of tourist destinations.
  • Strengthening and extending the co-operation network of previous projects through the creation of a new common brand.
  • Impact on local authorities and policy makers in the application of good sustainable tourism practices and dissemination at mainstream policy level.


Cosa abbiamo fatto?

To assess the achievement of results of the project, the Local Development Unit carried out the final evaluation.

The external Evaluation aims at assessing:

  • the Project alignment to ENI CBC MED Capitalization process’s objectives and priorities.
  • the Project compliance to the OECD-DAC criteria of development evaluation
  • the Project’s cross border added value and multiplier effects.

The Final Evaluation identifies enabling factors and challenges encountered, evaluates the corrective measure taken and provide recommendations for each specific objective of RESTART MED! – supporting economic recovery, building a community, increase awareness and capacity at public authorities & policy makers -, highlighting lessons learned and good practices as basis for decision making processes for scaling up, replication, diffusion and continuation of the actions supported through the Project.

In line with the methodology, the Local Development Unit has developed a set of data collection tools necessary to evaluate the project outcomes in the final evaluation report: desk review of Project’s documentation, semi-structured interviews with project partners, key stakeholders and beneficiaries.

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