SDGs Localisation Strategies and Local Development in Tunisia

Title Review of the Pilot Local Development Plan of the Governorate of Bargou – Plan de Développement Local Pilote (PLDP) de la Délégation de Bargou

Location Siliana Governorate, Tunisia

Partners Oxfam Italy, Oxfam Tunisia, El-Wifak Bargou. Public-private consortium GAL eloro

Framework PAP-ENPARD Stratégie Bargou 2020

Funding European Union



The drafting of the Pilot Local Development Plan of the Bargou Delegation is part of the broader project promoted by the European Union and implemented by Oxfam Italy, Oxfam Tunisia, the El Wifak Bargou association and the public-private consortium in the Governorate of Siliana in Tunisia.

The initiative is a pilot project designed to foster local development by encouraging the creation or strengthening of local governance and economic development mechanisms in rural areas.

A key factor in the success of the sustainable local development process is the appropriation of planning tools by local actors, so that they themselves recognise the area’s potential and become aware that they are active players in the creation of new opportunities for economic, social and environmental development. The research is also an opportunity to provoke more debate and discussion to make the Bargou community participate in the drafting of the PDLP.


General Objective

The research presents the results of the analysis of the PDLP according to the SDGs. The analysis was prepared in order to define the contribution that the actions proposed by the Plan can make to the localisation of the SDGs.


Our Contribution

The Local Development Unit adopted a methodology based on the textual analysis of the Bargou Local Development Plan, through the use of a quantitative analysis programme that allows the strategies to be analysed in the light of the SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals, and respective targets in order to identify which SDGs need more attention and which have greater potential.

In particular, the methodology adopted aims to follow the following scheme:

  • A preliminary analysis of the work carried out for the elaboration of the Bargou Local Development Plan to understand its structure, approach, intentions and future actions.
  • The integration of an information framework drawn up on the basis of semi-structured interviews with the project partners who coordinated the work in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the process itself.
  • The integral analysis of the Local Development Plan also by means of a qualitative analysis programme to codify and organise the information, while at the same time being able to build and test theories on textual data and assess the interaction with the SDGs.

Finally, on the basis of all the information gathered, both through the textual analysis of the plan and through the collection of information, recommendations and lessons learned were collected to be delivered to the project management committee and the Local Development Committee and to be used as elements for future revisions of the Plan, in order to make this document a local governance tool for the territory.

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