Workshops and Seminars

Past events

our consulting services consulenza qualificata in sviluppo locale consulting services in local devlopment for co development per il co sviluppo arco ricerca che fa la differenza local development sviluppo locale

We conducted an ASCI (Agent for the Development of Cultures and Entrepreneurship) course that allowed students to obtain a “Technician for the Valorisation of Local Resources” designation. At the end of the training, our students were well-versed in occupational health and safety, environmental management, contracts, and tax issues. 15 students from 4 countries attended lectures (240 hours) and an internship (360 hours).

come si misura l'impatto sociale

Free seminar “How to measure social impact”, 24th January, 2018, University of Florence. The participants learned the main concepts of monitoring and evaluation, how to build a theory of change and a logical framework. They went deeper into social reporting and the most common evaluation methodologies and instruments. Info >

HDCA (2)

In September 2017 we organized workshops and round table events before the annual Human Development Association (HDCA) conference in Cape Town, South Africa. The objective was to explore the use of various participatory methods and instruments in the fields of education, youth, and children. We coordinated the Thematic Groups on Children and Participatory Methods.

Agenda sviluppo sostenibile

We organized “The Sustainable Development Agenda and the measurement of well-being” seminar, together with Aiquav, at the Sustainable Development Festival, (Florence, May 2017) promoted by “ASviS- Italian Alliance fot Sustainable Development.” The seminar focused on the implementation of the Agenda and measuring well-being at the local level.

ICF tavola rotonda

In November 2016 we organized a Round Table on ICF (International Classification of Functioning) with 43 social and health professionals. The goal of the meeting was to create an evaluation form that could determine the employability of persons with disabilities. The form provided a holistic representation of the prospective employee and took into consideration the social aspects of his/her disability.

workshop novembre

In November 2016, in collaboration with the University of Florence and cMET 05,we organized and participated in the “Frontiers of Research Methods on Development” workshop in Florence. The workshop summoned academics and professionals from all over Europe. Our activities focused on the measurement of sustainable development and the multidimensional index of human development.


In July 2016 we organized and conducted Training on ICF (International Classification of Functioning) for third sector professionals at Aforisma (Study and Training Centre) in Pisa. Among the topics addressed: the biopsychosocial approach to disability, the content, functioning, and application of the ICF.

workshop courses training courses formazione corsi cosulenza ricerca research

We organized and conducted the Social Business Workshop for the Adeo Group (Leroy Merlin, Kbane, and Bricoman) in Piacenza in June 2016. The two day workshop included an introduction to social business and social innovation and advice on drawing up social business proposals.


In May 2016 we presided over a seminar in Florence entitled “Regulation and TTIP: on the design of trade agreements” that explored the contents, negotiations, and implications of trade agreements. The event was organized in collaboration with the University of Florence.

Immigrazione questione umana

In April 2016 we organized a seminar entitled “Immigration: a question of humanity” in Florence. The seminar addressed several issues relating to migration and the reception of migrants. The event was paired with a course of Economic Development at the University of Florence.

cesvot organizzazioni volontariato

A lab session entitled “How to handle an economic-organizational crisis” was carried out with CESVOT in Tuscany in December 2015. The objective was to analyze the channels through which economic crises spread and affect voluntary associations. We also sought to understand how this sector responds to economic crises.

Laboratorio-misurare benessere

We conducted a lab session entitled “Measuring well-being and sustainability on a local scale to orient politicies”. A theoretical and interpretative framework for human development analysis at the local level was provided. Interactive activities and and practical exercises followed. Info >