RB Tex: the new ethical label for the textile industry

Location: Prato (Tuscany)

Duration: 2015 – 2017

Funding and partnership: The “RB Tex” label was developed in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Prato, within the framework of the project “Integrazione Imprenditoriale” (entrepreneurial integration), funded by the Tuscany Region.


Both the textile and the fashion industries are increasingly feeling the need to promote and establish ethical and sustainable supply chains. Corporate behaviour must be consistent to the ethical principles of the company and deserves to be certified. Responsible choices become crucial for the corporate image and move the competition beyond pricing.

This is the reason behind the creation of RB Tex – Responsible Business Textile, an ethical label released by the Chamber of Commerce of Prato.


Creating a tool which allows companies that make responsible choices to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

What is RB Tex?

To get the voluntary ethical label RB Tex, a textile company has to demonstrate that it is compliant with the law concerning the workplace safety and health, the fulfilment of financial obligations, the training of the personnel and the environmental management and has to prove the responsible choices of the company in relation to the following fields:

  • Welfare of the employees >> benefits for the personnel.
  • Corporate citizenship >> the cooperation and the interaction between the enterprise and the territory.
  • Environmental sustainability >> the actions that were taken to reduce the environmental impact.
  • Supply chain traceability >> having a traceability system to ensure the transparency of the supply chain.

The RB Tex certification can be also conceived as a strategic communication tool for companies operating in the textile sector.

For more information please write to: rbtex@po.camcom.it


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