certificazione di genere auditor donne empowerment accompagnamento UNI/PdR 125:2022. women gender audits
Wednesday February 21st, 2024 ARCO

What is gender audit and why is it important?

A gender audit informs companies on how to reduce the gender gap. Gender auditing in generale promotes women’s participation in the labour market and opportunities for economic growth. Fostering gender audits help in strengthening women’s empowerment as a collective process, acting on the whole system of relations in which women are embedded: family, community, business, [...]

MERGE indicators capitalization wellbeing degrowth beyond GDP indicatori benessere decrescita superare il PIL ricerca Horizon
Wednesday February 14th, 2024 ARCO

MERGE, a Horizon project to measure what matters

The overall objective of MERGE is to bring together researchers, policymakers, statistical authorities, and civil society actors to improve the usefulness and accessibility of policy frameworks and indicators on multidimensional well-being and strengthen the transition towards economic policies that support sustainable development. MERGE is about building a better economy for everyone. MERGE addresses the opportunities [...]

VLR existing guidelines linee guida per voluntary local revieww
Friday January 12th, 2024 ARCO

A comparative review of existing Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR) guidelines

Voluntary Local Reviews can be considered a process to accelerate SDG localization, leading to the “construction of collective knowledge” through the lens of the SDGs. Even though a common, harmonized definition of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) does not exist, VLRs are strategic documents allowing local and regional governments to share local priorities, challenges and aspirations […]

assegno di ricerca riuso circoalre delle acque economia DISIA posizione aperta CV candidature
Thursday January 11th, 2024 ARCO

Bando per assegno di ricerca su riuso circolare delle acque: aperta la selezione!

Assegno di ricerca su riuso circolare delle acque all’Università di Firenze: aperta la selezione! Scadenza il 17 gennaio 2024 ore 14.  Con le risorse del Fondo per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione – Fondo Sociale Europeo, l’Università di Firenze, nell’ambito del progetto della Regione Toscana “Giovanisì”, ha attivato 30 nuovi assegni di ricerca sul tema […]

health coverage community financing finanziamento sanitario su base comunitaria copertura sanitaria
Monday December 11th, 2023 ARCO

The importance of awareness campaigns to enlarge health coverage in low- and middle-income countries

In Low- and Middle-Income Countries, direct payments often dominate health care financing and represent a serious obstacle to the achievement of Universal Health Coverage. Out-of-pocket expenditures tend to exacerbate the severity of poverty mainly among the populations who lack adequate financial protection. The article “Estimating causal effects of community health financing via principal stratification” written [...]

bambini bambine hildren child ricerca child centred sviluppo inclusivo inclusive development
Tuesday November 28th, 2023 ARCO

On the importance of children’s participation in childhood research

Changing the mindset from research "about" children to research "with" children For a long time, research on childhood has neglected the direct perspective of children, treating them primarily as objects of study rather than active subjects endowed with agency. Yet, implementing policies aimed at improving children's living conditions without listening to their needs, the way [...]

Tuesday September 19th, 2023 ARCO

Guidelines for the drafting of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR) in Italy

Elaborating guidelines for the drafting of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR) at a national level aims at spreading a culture of sustainability, through the involvement and awareness-raising of local authorities, associations and young people to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level. The Local Development Unit - in the [...]

youth local review sviluppo locale development SDG sostenibilità YLR
Monday September 18th, 2023 ARCO

The first Youth Local Review: youth and sustainability in the Metropolitan City of Florence

Promoting the active participation of young people through the Youth Local Review (YLR) allows them to become main dirvers in the process of 2030 Agenda localisation by gathering their opinions and aspirations concerning the sustainability of territories. The YLR is therefore a Voluntary Local Review (VLR) entirely focused on young people. The Local Development Unit […]