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Social Economy

Research Assistant

Camilla Guasti

Camilla Guasti works for ARCO as a research assistant in the Social Economy Unit, mainly dealing with Social Economy, Social Innovation, Social Business design, measurement and assessment of social impact and market analysis for social enterprises.  Her research interests also include participatory processes, urban regeneration, social innovation, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development processes.

Camilla holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Cesare Alfieri School of Political Sciences, in Florence. After a six-month internship at the United Nations, in New York, she also obtained a master’s degree in Economics and Development from the School of Economics and Management, University of Florence.

As member of the Social Economy Unit she also works for the Yunus Social Business Center University of Florence which promotes social business as a means to address social and environmental problems through an innovative use of local resources.


Social Economy - Research Assistant

Mail: camilla.guasti[at]

Linkedin: Camilla Guasti

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