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Behavioural Unit


Dario Menicagli

Dario is a psychologist and researcher in the field of behavioural sciences who apply investigation methodologies related to motivation and individual choices in the understanding of social and organisational processes.

After his master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology obtained a PhD in Clinical Physiopathology at the University of Pisa studying human interactions with environment and social context at experimental and neuroscientific level.
He continued his career as a researcher in collaboration with the IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca and the University of Florence,  delving applied research to the promotion of altruistic behaviours, such as donation and volunteering, and in relation to prevention in public health, through the relationship between health services and citizens.

During his projects he collaborated with non-profit associations, such as AVIS, in the individual and organisational study of blood and plasma donation, and with public institutions, such as the Tuscan Health Agency and the Joint Research Center of the European Commission, in analysis of the behaviours of healthcare workers.
Along with his research activity, he worked as a consultant for the university spin-offs Biobeats and Koeus, designing psychometric assessment tools associated with biometric data collected by digital devices and platforms.

Working between the world of scientific research and that of organisations, it seeks to integrate the individual’s point of view, in all its biological, psychological and social aspects, towards an objective that is reflected in the community of which it is part.


Behavioural Unit - Coordinator

Mail: dario.menicagli[at]unifi.it

Linkedin: Dario Menicagli