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Elisa Betti

Elisa Betti is a sociology researcher focusing on social research methods, behavioural research, social inequalities, access to healthcare services, and community functioning. She earned a Master of Science in Social Policy and Social Research from University College London, gaining qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills for social research.

With a Master’s degree in Sociology and Social Research and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Studies, she has contributed as a project manager and researcher at the Institute for the Study of Prevention and Oncological Network (ISPRO). Her work involved innovative strategies to enhance participation in screenings, including projects in Romania and the Slovak Republic. She also completed a 5-month internship at the Embassy of Italy in Nairobi (Kenya), gaining experience in political and diplomatic relations.

Currently, as a researcher at the University of Florence, she is involved in coordinating projects in the Tuscany Healthcare Ecosystem and contributes as a researcher in co-creation projects.


Behavioural Unit - Researcher

Mail: elisa.batti[at]unifi.it