Irene Fattacciu

Inclusive Development


Irene Fattacciu

Irene Fattacciu has been working in ARCO since 2021 and works mainly with disability, protection systems, energy poverty (in particular energy solidarity communities) and empowerment processes. She is an expert in qualitative and participatory methodologies, and has conducted and coordinated several field studies both in Italy and in Developing Countries (among others, Tunisia and Palestine).

She holds a PhD in History and Civilization from the European University Institute (2011) and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Turin (2019).
Over the years she has worked as a post-doc fellow at the European University Institute (Vasco da Gama Fellow), at the University of Turin, and at the University of Tuscia, carrying out various research projects, participating in training activities and working on European projects.

She was an adjunct lecturer in Global History at the Master in International Relations and European Studies at the University of Florence, Colonial and Postcolonial History at the Master in Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation at the University of Turin.

Irene is also an adjunct lecturer in Food Cultures of Latin America at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo and she teaches qualitative and participatory evaluation methodologies at COSPE.


Inclusive Development - Researcher

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