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The monitoring and evaluation process of four projects against educational poverty

povertà educativa

Economic and educational poverty

Growing up with limited education opportunities entails a high risk of social marginalization and limited chances for improvement and development. Despite educational poverty is not linked to disadvantaged families only, the phenomenon is usually hereditary: educational and economic poverty are transmitted by parents to children who in their turn will be risk of poverty and social exclusion. Poverty and education are linked into a vicious circle: educational poverty fuels economic poverty and viceversa.


To contrast educational poverty among children and minors under 18 years of age a governmental fund (“Fondo per il contrasto della povertà educativa minorile) was established in 2016.

According to the calls, it is mandatory for the applicant organizations to have an evaluation strategy and a partnership with an evaluating organization when submitting their proposal. The evaluating organization must have a proven track record in M&E and impact evaluation and should be in charge of the design of the impact evaluation strategy.

We are currently working on the monitoring and evaluation process of three projects funded by the governmental fund.

The projects aim at improving the accessibility and the quality of the educational services and at providing support services for parents. The objective is also to promote aggregation and socialization opportunities, services to contrast school drop out and a stronger network between the private and the public sector in the field of education.

To lean more on our M&E and impact evaluation activity click here.

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