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Tuesday November 28th, 2023 ARCO

On the importance of children’s participation in childhood research

Changing the mindset from research "about" children to research "with" children For a long time, research on childhood has neglected the direct perspective of children, treating them primarily as objects of study rather than active subjects endowed with agency. Yet, implementing policies aimed at improving children's living conditions without listening to their needs, the way [...]

Tuesday September 19th, 2023 ARCO

Guidelines for the drafting of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR) in Italy

Elaborating guidelines for the drafting of Voluntary Local Reviews (VLR) at a national level aims at spreading a culture of sustainability, through the involvement and awareness-raising of local authorities, associations and young people to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level. The Local Development Unit - in the [...]

youth local review sviluppo locale development SDG sostenibilità YLR
Monday September 18th, 2023 ARCO

The first Youth Local Review: youth and sustainability in the Metropolitan City of Florence

Promoting the active participation of young people through the Youth Local Review (YLR) allows them to become main dirvers in the process of 2030 Agenda localisation by gathering their opinions and aspirations concerning the sustainability of territories. The YLR is therefore a Voluntary Local Review (VLR) entirely focused on young people. The Local Development Unit [...]

anlisis territoriale territorial analysis sviluppo locale local development ricerca
Monday September 11th, 2023 ARCO

Territorial analysis, planning human sustainable development

Territorial analysis is a useful tool for an in-depth understanding of a given territory, be it a neighbourhood, a city, a group of cities or a region. This tool can be used by local administrators, policy makers and organizations that aim to have a significant impact on the territory by selecting priorities and strategies based [...]

community based emancipatory research disability disabilità ricercaemancipatoria sviluppo inclusivo inclusive development
Friday September 1st, 2023 ARCO

Community based Emancipatory Disability Research: methods & potentialities

Community-based Emancipatory Disability Research, CB-EDR, supports people with disabilities and disabled people’s organisations to produce new knowledge about their own lives and the different barriers that impede their full and effective participation in society. Thus, CB-EDR is both a tool to foster inclusive development and a tool to collect quantitative and qualitative data to identify [...]

sustainability reporting non financial companies CSR social economy research training consultancy
Thursday June 1st, 2023 ARCO

Why sustainability reporting is important for private and public organizations?

Nowadays companies are more and more under the spotlight as for the impact they generate affecting communities and their territories. We are assisting to a growing demand for greater transparency regarding non-financial reporting coming from civil society, regulatory bodies, socially responsible investors, international organizations and also from national and international legislations (such as the groundbreaking [...]

SPES Sustainability Performances Evidences and Scenarios sviluppo umano sostenibility transistion europe project
Wednesday May 31st, 2023 ARCO

SPES Sustainability Performances Evidences and Scenarios

How can productivity, equality, sustainability, and participation be reconciled in an integrated framework to help drive the transition towards sustainable human development in Europe? SPES-Sustainability Performances Evidences & Scenarios is a European project, financed under the Horizon 2030 Research and Innovation Programme, that aims at better understanding the interconnections between economic growth, human flourishing, and [...]

Horizon 2030 mercati del lavoro inclusivi inclusive labour markets Path2Include rpogetto europeo europe project
Friday May 19th, 2023 ARCO

PATHS2INCLUDE developing inclusive labour markets for persons in vulnerable situations

Disentangling the dimensions of discrimination in the labour market to gain knowledge on developing inclusive labour markets for persons in vulnerable situations. PATHS2INCLUDE European Labour Market Under Pressure – New Knowledge on Pathways to Include Persons in Vulnerable Situations, is a European project, financed under the Horizon 2030 Research and Innovation Programme, that aims to [...]