genere gender mainstreaming lente valutazione inclusione donne empowerment women
Thursday February 23rd, 2023 ARCO

A gender lens: gender mainstreaming and evaluation strategies for development projects

When developing an evaluation strategy for a project or programme, regardless of the sector of intervention and the specific topics addressed, it is essential to ensure that phenomena are read through an inclusive "lens". Indeed, such an approach, which is also increasingly promoted by international development organisations (OECD DAC, 2019), makes it possible to distinguish [...]

AMIF FAMI valutazione evaluation project progetti migranti migrazione migration migrants work inclusion lavoro inclusione
Wednesday February 15th, 2023 ARCO

Evaluating projects tackling migration and sustainable human development

Understanding the link between migration and (human) development is fundamental to purse a more sustainable and inclusive future. Human mobility is at the same time part of the structural transformation process of human development and a factor that affects such process. In particular, migration potentially affects the well-being of the migrants and their families, communities [...]

SECA model modello compliance imprese conformità
Wednesday January 18th, 2023 ARCO

The SECA model to measure the compliance of production processes in manufacturing SMEs

Firms play a leading role in the transition to sustainability since their organizational structure, management system, and innovation processes are all key drivers towards sustainability, inclusiveness, and productivity growth. The sectors characterized by a high presence of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) don’t always have the appropriate tools and model to assess the application […]

PNRR NRRP piano nazionale ripresa e resilienza lavoro inclusione sociale work social inclusione mission 5 missione ricerca social inclusion
Tuesday November 22nd, 2022 ARCO

Labour policies and social inclusion: a critical analysis of Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan’s Mission 5

The extraordinary resources provided by the #NexGenerationEU programme, implemented in Italy through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP), offer an opportunity to rethink policies for inclusion and cohesion. On the one hand, these resources allow to contrast social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with particular reference to levels of unemployment, poverty and material deprivation, […]

gender mainstreaming budgeting bilancio di genere Emilia Romagna ricerca arco sviluppo inclusivo inclusive development
Wednesday November 9th, 2022 ARCO

Gender Budgeting and participatory methods: ARCO’s contribution to Regione Emilia-Romagna guidelines

Regione Emilia Romagna recently published its “Guidelines for Gender Budgeting” to invite local municipalities to focus on a deeper analysis of their policies in terms of differentiated impact on women and men. These Guidelines have been inspired by the Well-Being BGbe approach and Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen’s Human Development Paradigm. The presented process for [...]

outcome harvesting valutazione evaluation metodologia methodology projects
Tuesday October 25th, 2022 ARCO

Outcome Harvesting: assessing your social impact

The Outcome harvesting is an evaluation methodology that allows to explore the intended and unintended, positive and negative outcomes triggered by an intervention of its beneficiaries and main stakeholders. Rather than comparing the planned outcomes with the achieved ones, the Outcome Harvesting collects evidence of outcomes defined as the changes in behaviour, practices, relationships and [...]

sahel covid 19 impatto sviluppo inclusivo locale economico development economic Mali Burkina Faso inclusion
Tuesday September 27th, 2022 ARCO

Social inclusion and COVID-19 : the effects of the pandemic in the Sahelian regions of Mali and Burkina Faso

The COVID-19 pandemic has had and still has important consequences on political stability, economic growth and social cohesion worldwide and the Sahel region doesn’t make any exception. The Department of Economics and Management (DISEI) of the University of Florence involved ARCO’s Inclusive Development Unit in a in depth study that aims to provide a comprehensive […]

bilancio sociale opportunità stakeholder engagement terzo settore rendicontazione
Wednesday September 14th, 2022 ARCO

Il Bilancio Sociale, un’opportunità per gli enti del Terzo Settore

Dal 2021, alcuni enti del Terzo Settore hanno l'obbligo di redigere, pubblicare e mettere a disposizione dei propri stakeholder, beneficiari e di tutti gli interessati il proprio Bilancio Sociale. Il testo della Riforma, la legge 106 del 2016, definisce quali sono gli enti sottoposti all'obbligo, ma affida alle Linee Guida tutte le regole per una [...]