Needs analysis for sustainable sugarcane production in Mauritius

A sustainable future for small-scale sugarcane producers

Title Sustainable Development Program in Mauritius

Location Mauritius

Duration 2016

Client CTM Altromercato

Local Partner MSS – Mauritius Sugar SyndicateMCAF –  Mauritius Cooperative Agricultural Federation


Sustainable sugarcane production by small planters in Mauritius is at risk due to several factors, including increasing production costs and shrinking profit margins (due to low international sugar prices). This situation is worsening, leading to diffused land abandonment or conversion to other uses. This in turn has had a profound effect on the economy, the environment, and society as a whole.

Safeguarding the sugar industry is indeed vital for the country from an economic, social and environmental point of view. Its multifunctionality gives it the role of “guardian of the island” and can be considered as an essential public that must be preserved.

General objective

The project was meant to offer a more sustainable future to small sugarcane planters and enhance their long-term resilience. A tailored set of actions and initiatives were implemented, ranging from interventions to improve the quality and quantity of sugarcane production, to environmental and social actions within local communities.

What we did

ARCO conducted a needs analysis on sustainable sugarcane production in 25 cooperatives in Mauritius. The research focused on:

  1. Understanding how the sugarcane value chain functions, the various relationships among local actors, and the needs of small planters and their cooperatives
  2. Exploring the main issues that affect the overall sustainability of sugarcane production among small planters, while also assessing potential areas that require intervention
  3. Recommending initiatives and proposals that are based on the input and involvement of small farmers and cooperatives

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