CapDeL: research to foster local and sustainable development in Algeria

Location Algeria

Duration 2018 -2020

Framework CapDeL: un programme pour la Démocratie Participative et Développement Local

Fund the Programme is co-financed by the European Union and the United Nations Programme for Development (UNDP)


The current socio-economic framework creates the need for profound changes for all countries and in particular for those that, like Algeria, are facing several challenges at the same time: the excessive dependence on hydrocarbons, those posed by a young and growing population, climate change, sustainability problems etc. CapDeL fits into this framework by trying to promote a transition towards sustainable development at the local level thanks to the participation of local actors, the political will and competences of the Algerian institutions and the expertise made available by UNDP.

General Objective

The aim of CapDeL is to help foster citizen participation in managing local affairs and strengthen dialogue between authorities, civil society and citizens for better social cohesion; enhance participatory democracy; improve governance mechanisms and citizens’ access to quality public services by reducing the burden of administrative formalities. The project also aims at diversifying the economy towards a more sustainble production system and at using the potential of the territories to create job opportunities. Alongside these objectives, there is also the introduction of risk and disaster management in local development planning to ensure sustainability and the construction of resilient territories.

What have done?

In this framework, ARCO Researchers participated by:

    ♦ Developing teaching aids for the training of local actors on issues of strategic planning and participatory governance

    ♦ Training trainers and by supporting them during the training of local actors

    ♦ Developing  in-depth training modules for elected women and related support materials

    ♦ Drafting 3 guides on participatory and concerted governance

    ♦ Structuring the monitoring system of the entire training process

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