Inclusive Development

Inclusive development as a basis to achieve true and shared development


The development process can only be considered effective when it succeeds in involving the most vulnerable and marginalized people in its activities. This is why we support our clients (both public and private organizations) in strengthening their capacity to include disadvantaged people in their development strategies.

We participate in academic debates on topics such as gender issues, disability, children’s well-being, and human development. We promote innovative methodologies for analyzing vulnerable groups and designing a host of policies and services.

The knowledge retained by stakeholders, their ownership, and the use of participatory methods stand at the centre of our work.

Our primary activities include:

  • Applied research (quantitative and qualitative) on vulnerability, resilience, and inclusive processes
  • Supporting the identification, analysis, and scaling-up of best practices in policies that address vulnerable groups
  • Micro-simulation of the impact of policies, such as social protection schemes and support programs
  • Social impact evaluation of the living conditions of disadvantaged groups
  • Needs analysis and support for policy design
  • Training and capacity building for government officers, staff members at non-governmental organizations and associations, and students


Keywords: disability, gender, childhood, empowerment, ownership, inclusion, vulnerability, resilience.


Scientific Coordinator:

Prof. Mario Biggeri (University of Florence)

Contact us:

Inclusive Development Unit Coordinator

Federico Ciani – PhD in Politics and Economics of Developing Countries

Email: federico.ciani[at]

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