Social Report for the year 2018 of the Fondazione Opera Santa Rita

Title 2018 Social Report Fondazione Opera Santa Rita

Location Prato

Duration June- December 2019

Client Fondazione Opera Santa Rita


Fondazione Opera Santa Rita, born in Prato more than eighty years ago, is a non-profit organization active in the social, health and socio-sanitary fields. In the past, it obtained from the Tuscany Region the recognition of legal personality as an assistance and education Foundation.

The Opera Santa Rita Foundation carries out, in fact, educational activities for minors with personal and family difficulties, to help their social insertion. It also works to foster the rehabilitation of minors and young people with psychophysical disabilities. With its multiple projects and initiatives launched over the years, the Fondazione Opera Santa Rita has become a landmark institution for the Prato community and beyond.

In application to Italian law on third sector entities, the Foundation will have to make available to its stakeholders, beneficiaries and all those who express an interest in its activities its Social Report.

General Objective

The Social Report is an accountability tool that informs readers on responsibilities, behaviours and social, environmental and economic results deriving from the activities carried out by an institution. It offers a structured and timely information to all subjects, internal and external, affected by the organization’s activities. Those information can’t be found in the financial statements alone.

In particular, the objectives of the Social Report are: a) affirming the mission and values ​​pursued by an entity, b) creating a platform for dialogue with stakeholders to discuss their expectations, c) improving the communicative power of the institution, d) encourage participation and transparency.

In addition, the social reporting process creates the conditions to analyse the institution’s strategic and organizational dimension, in order to assess its efficiency and possibly rethink its structure. The Social Report also concerns the use of resources in relation to the objectives achieved.

Our Contribution

The Social Report was carried out in 5 stages:

  • Initiation of the social reporting process
  • Involvement of stakeholders
  • Drafting and validation of the Social Report
  • Communication of the Social Report
  • Evaluation and follow up

The heart of the process that leads to the writing of the social report is the involvement of stakeholders. The social report represents, on the one hand, the mirror of the institution and, on the other, an opportunity to re-think is work and impact on surrounding community.

In the case of the Fondazione Opera Santa Rita, this process resulted in a series of meetings,  continuous communications between ARCO Researchers and the staff of the Foundation and was carried out through the following research activities: visits to the different structures of the Foundation, interviews (to coordinators of the structures, institutional stakeholders, external collaborators, users’ families) and focus groups (with management team and with administration and human resources group).

Read the Social Reports of the Opera Santa Rita Foundation by clicking on the images below.

SROI valutazione impatto socialeSROI valutazione impatto socialeSROI valutazione impatto sociale


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