Partnership for the Urban Agenda on Circular Economy, a European network

Circular Economy and Sustainability in Europe

Location Europe

Duration 2017-2019

Client Prato Municipality

Partnership Prato Municipality is part of the Partnership on EU Urban Agenda on Circular Economy as a representative for Italy. The leader of the partnership is the city of Oslo (Norway).



In a context of growing interest towards sustainability, the European Union has involved 5 cities in the analysis and definition of action plans capable of promoting the Circular Economy at the urban level. The representatives of the five cities – Oslo, Porto, Prato, Kaunas, The Hague and the Region of Flanders – together with other European partners have the task of strengthening knowledge on urban issues and the exchange of good practices. In particular, the participants to the Urban Agenda had to choose a topic of European interest to be studied and in which they were asked to highlight legal and administrative bottlenecks, lack of awareness, technological barriers or obstacles to finding funds to encourage new models of economy.

The Urban Agenda for Circular Economy has decided to investigate the urban dimension because it is an optimal dimension to study new methods of efficient use of resources and management and transformation of waste into resources. Cities are able to promote greater sustainability and efficient use of resources through their institutions, the promotion of local products and urban regeneration initiatives.


General Objective 

The Partnership on Circular Economy aims at stimulating the re-use and the regeneration of material and products to foster growth and promote new job opportunities.

Our contribution

Prato Municipality, with the scientific and technical support of ARCO Researchers, coordinated:

ARCO Researchers actively participated in the Partnership by accompanying the Municipality in the 5 meetings scheduled in the different cities. They were involved as and provided for technical and scientific support, consultations on good practices based on their own experience gained in the Research Center and various training activities and workshops .


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