Inserimento lavorativo e formazione in Economia Circolare, agricoltura e sostenibilità per i detenuti delle isole di Gorgona e Pianosa

Title Experimental models of intervention for work and active inclusion of people in penal enforcement – Agricultural colonies in Tuscany

Location Pianosa and Gorgona Islands, Tuscan Archipelago, Italy

Duration 2020-2022

Funding Tuscany Regionl Government, financed within PON Inclusion 2014-2020 Programme



The islands of Gorgona and Pianosa are characterised by a rich local biodiversity. Local economies can be fostered by the preservation of this biodiversity and its relaunch in association with new crops, as well as by promoting the transformation of agri-food products and planning a development of a tourist reception strategy.

The project “Experimental models of intervention for work and active inclusion of people in penal enforcement – Agricultural colonies in Tuscany” is part of a broader context that aims to create an integrated and innovative development system to encourage the work and social inclusion of inmates residing in the Gorgona and Pianosa prisons (since 1869 the two islands have been dedicated to the active reintegration of inmates sentenced by the Court of Livorno) thanks to a network of public and private stakeholders.
In particular, the project aims to identify innovative models of intervention to strengthen the job placement and active inclusion of people living on the islands that can also promote the development of economic activities related to the territories.


General Objective

The project aims at enhancing the skills of inmates through training and a series of pilot actions in order to promote the employment of inmates in companies in the agricultural sector and in so-called “green jobs”. The project also includes support for self-entrepreneurship, which will ensure that the beneficiaries will be able to continue working after the end of their prison sentence.

Inmates participating in the project will be able to acquire skills in sustainability, circular economy and innovation. The ability to combine traditional agricultural practices with innovative and sustainable procedures will also contribute to the protection of the territory.

The theme of Circular Economy, included in the project not only as a way of managing material flows, but as a broader systemic vision that takes into account innovation, regeneration and cohesion, contributes to the effectiveness of the project actions in particular for the working dimension and the effective socio-occupational reintegration.


Our contribution

Based on the priorities and specific needs indicated by the local stakeholders and beneficiaries themselves, ARCO will adopt innovation and circularity perspectives fro its action that will focus on the following specific objectives

  • Design of training classes for the inmates of the Gorgona and Pianosa prisons elaborated on the basis of the results of the context analyses and skills balances handed by the other project partners. These trainings include the objectives and training units, the methods and times of delivery, the equipment and teaching materials. The innovative and articulated training project will focus on the capacity to ensure the preservation of biodiversity, the planting of new crops and the adoption of sustainable and circular good practices.
  • Feasibility study for the creation of an innovative and sustainable business model within the agricultural colonies of Pianosa and Gorgona that can generate income and contribute to the sustainable development and revitalisation of the area. The study also aims to collectively identify and suggest potential initiatives and project proposals for the development and creation of “green” business opportunities.


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