Prato Circular City: the integrated strategy for the circular transition of the city of Prato

Framework Project of the Municipality of Prato to share and manage the transition of the city and the district towards the circular economy.

Location Prato, Italy

Period January 2020 – in progress

Funding Municipality of Prato

Client Municipality of Prato



In the debate on circular economy at European level, the City of Prato has represented Italy since 2016 in the EU Urban Agenda Partnership on Circular Economy.

The model that for some years the City of Prato has been proposing at European level is that of a “circular city” based on three fundamental axes:

  • The innovation of production processes.
  • Urban regeneration.
  • The strengthening of social cohesion.

Starting from the experience gained within the European partnership, Prato Circular City represents the integrated strategy promoted by the City of Prato to promote the transition of the city towards the circular economy.

Prato Circular City is promoted by the Department of Economic Development, Innovation and Digital Agenda and the Department of Urban Planning, Environment and Circular Economy, with the support of the offices of the Europe Desk of the City of Prato.



  • Promote the city’s transition to a circular economy.
  • Strengthen the image of Prato as a “circular city”.
  • Establish an environment of permanent confrontation among local stakeholders to promote shared, integrated and participatory circular economy actions.
  • Create a circular city governance.


Our contribution

ARCO’s activities under the project include:

  • Support to the municipal administration of Prato in the definition of the circular city model.
  • Technical and scientific coordination of the strategy.
  • Coordination and support to the management of the working tables.


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