Need Analysis to foster the sustainability of cocoa beans farmers in Togo

Title Need Analysis of the sustainability of cocoa beans cooperatives of small producers in Togo

Location Kpalimé e Badou, Togo

Duration Autunno 2019

Client Altromercato


According to official estimates, the cultivation of cocoa trees and the production of cocoa beans represent the main source of livelihood for over 12,000 Togolese families. In recent years, there has been a gradual increase in exports, however the supply chain is threatened by climate change, progressive aging of trees and pests with a consequent decrease in yield. The supply chain logistics also appear to be poorly organized.

In market terms, half of the cocoa beans produced in Togo are destined for the domestic market while the other half for exports. Although cooperative experiences have existed and still exist, producers tend rather to individualism in production.


General Objective

The need analysis carried out by the Researchers of the Circular Innovation &Sustainable Commodities Unit focused on the main needs of small producers of cocoa beans, with particular attention to economic, environmental and social sustainability. The study focused on three target cooperatives in the areas of Kpalimé and Badou.


Our contribution

The research focused on three particular objectives:

  • ♦ Understand the functioning of the supply chain of the Togolese cocoa bean production chain, main relationships between local actors and the needs of small farmers and their cooperatives;
  • ♦ Explore the main causes that undermine the sustainability of cocoa beans production for small farmers, and evaluate possible intervention areas;
  • ♦ Identify and suggest potential initiatives and development projects.

Small farmers and cooperatives  have been pro-actively involved in the research process. ARCO Researchers carried out a field mission to meet with main stakeholders, representatives of the targeted cooperatives and small farmers. Data has been collected by semi-structured interviews and focus groups. With the results, Researchers outlined possible interventions to foster the sustainability of the production and the supply chain.


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Leonardo Borsacchi
SustainbleFood Commodities Unit – Coordinator

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