RESET – Capitalizing on best practices to support the creation of green businesses in the Mediterranean

sustainable and green business

Title RESET- Capitalizing on best practices to support the creation of green businesses in the Mediterranean

Location Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia

Duration2021- 2023 (24 months)

Project leader MedWaves, the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for SCP

Partners European Union, the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI) CBCMED, and Regione Autonoma De Sardigna

Funding European Union under the ENI CBC Med Programme


In recognition of the Mediterranean accelerating employment and environmental crises, there are various calls for action to create a sustainable and inclusive economy that ‘works for everyone’. As the region thrive towards developing and implementing measures for a sustainable green transition, RESET aims to facilitate economic and social development via supporting the creation of sustainable and green businesses.

The project will gather, analyse and synthesize learnings regarding ‘what works’ within the field of sustainable and green business support, and seeks to upstream this knowledge effectively. It will support local, national and regional stakeholders to make use of this knowledge to create strategies, policies and regulations to stimulate the green economy.

RESET targets seven Mediterranean countries and will address the whole enabling eco-system – from EU projects, local initiatives and policies to national and regional policies and regulations – to capitalize on knowledge related to training, advice, networking services, access to funding and markets, as well as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection, with a focus on women and youth inclusion.

General Objective

RESET is a capitalization project that aims at identifying and analyzing the most successful practices that can further be optimized at local, national, and regional level across the Mediterranean in order to support green business creation.

Our Contribution

The Circular Innovation & Sustainable Commodities Unit will focus on identifying, locating, gathering, analysing and synthesising knowledge regarding how best to support sustainable and green entrepreneurs and start-ups. This data will be collected and elaborated to create three main tools: the Capitalisation Framework (CF), the Capitalisation Lab (CL) and the project Capitalization Clinic (CC).

The Capitalisation Framework will define success indicators related to supporting sustainable and green businesses and ensure knowledge generation is linked to identified need. The CF can be considered a sort of backbone of the whole project as it will address the main question ‘what helps sustainable and green businesses succeed?’

The Capitalisation Lab will encompass a research-based need/knowledge map and an innovative database management system. It is going to collect data from the targeted projects and stakeholders, analyse them through key success indicators, in order to identify good practice and key learnings. As a result, projects that focus on support services to start-ups will be reinforced, public bodies will be better informed, and ultimately more entrepreneurs will be supported and more investment will be directed.

The Project Capitalisation Clinic will offer re-active support and building capacity to EU project stakeholders across the Mediterranean to ensure the capitalisation framework informs on-going and future projects addressing sustainable / green entrepreneurship.

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